My Jaded Denim

The name of this blog comes from the thing that hangs over my desk chair all year round. Every holiday I go on, it is the first thing packed in my suitcase. I have three of them. Three of the most beautiful denim jackets.

My first jacket was a gift. My brother and his girlfriend gave it to me for my birthday about 5 years ago. It’s a summery, light blue in a boxy 80’s style that comes in at my waist. They got it custom ordered by their friend who owns a vintage boutique. It has some rad patches like one of the “Fast Girls” band logo and little silver spikes that line the top pockets.

My second jacket was stolen. I came home one day to see it draped over my desk chair. Prophetic? That’s where it lives now, but back then I was a bit surprised to see it. The way these things work in my household is that if you don’t want some of your clothes any more, you dump them in the next most deserving person’s room. So I see this jacket in my room and assume that either mum or my brother’s girlfriend decided to pass on the legacy. Turns out, our cleaner accidentally put it in my room and I had been wearing it for about a year while my brother and his girlfriend had been blaming their housemates for stealing it. Luckily she let me keep it because I had grown far too attached. It’s a darker blue; quite thin and it matches almost anything.

My third jacket is probably my smartest purchase. I tend to impulse buy things. But this jacket was a perfect buy. I was in Grahamstown (in the Eastern Cape, South Africa) for the National Arts Featival and I spent the day browsing the market. I think I may have actually let out a really loud gasp when I saw my jacket hanging among some other vintage coats. It’s a vibrant denim colour with fleece around the cuff and collar and lined with red, chiffon-like material. This wintry jacket means I can wear denim all year round.

Three jackets to make me smile. I still can’t decide which is my favourite.


Sixties Sandals Back in Style?

Chunky sandals like Birkenstocks may be associated with fashion from the sixties so this could be the reason why they are receiving so much criticism for sneaking their way back in style but the joke is on all the haters because sixties fashion is totally in these days. Everyone is in love with vintage clothing and anyone who has a mother who saved their clothes from their teen years are the envy of the fashion world.

Personally, I love chunky sandals. They compliment street style in a classic and – yes, I’m going to say it – vintage way. I have a pair of jeans that I found at the back of my mom’s cupboard. They are high-waisted boyfriend jeans with authentic holes on the knees in the most gorgeous faded blue. These jeans match chunky sandals in collaboration with either a tight, tucked-in, or cropped top. The jeans are loose and therefore don’t accentuate my legs; the sandals don’t tightly fit my feet, they rather distort the shape of my feet to make them look bigger; this is why the shirt I wear needs to match the criteria listed above because I need something in my outfit to show off curves on my body so the tight top can emphasise my upper body, and a tucked-in top and cropped top can draw attention to the waist of the jeans.

Chunky sandals also look great with skinnier pants. However, now the delicate science behind the top changes because now you need to find a baggier/looser top to balance the chunkiness of the sandals. This can be achieved by using a scarf instead though or maybe a baggy jacket.

These sandals are a great excuse to make your outfits more bold instead of always wearing sneakers with your street style clothes (this is more a note to self than anything. I have an unhealthy obsession with wearing my Converse). Experiment with colours and outfits. Always remember to make a fashion statement an be bold.

Jaded Denim Jacket xx