A Travelling Concert

Last December music was coursing through my veins. I visited my best friend who lives in Australia. I never thought that my family would be able to afford it but some how my mom and I managed to scrape enough money together to buy plane tickets.

I couldn’t wait to see my best friend but my level-headed mom could see the impracticality of planning this trip. Just too expensive. But I don’t think I’ve mentioned what a genius my best friend is because she inspired us with the greatest motivation to get our act together and come visit: she bought me concert tickets. Not just any concert tickets but Ed Sheeran tickets AND Taylor Swift tickets. A week apart from each other.

So Ed’s concert was first (yes we are totally on first name basis). We were going with some of my best friend’s friends whom I had never met before. We had standing tickets so of course that meant queuing the whole day. We waited from 9am until the gates opened at 4pm but it was alright because we had brought pizza and playing cards and we made some friends. The only downside was that it was so hot and I ended up getting the worst sock tan in the history of sock tans.

Eventually we made it in and we walked briskly (so as not to get shouted at by strict security guards)  as close to the front and middle as we could get. We had a phenomenal view of the stage!

Two hours later Foy Vance took the stage.


To be brutally honest, the first time any of our concert crew heard of Foy Vance was in the queue when we looked at the tickets. I admit… We thought it was a typo that meant to say Vance Joy.

Then Passenger was cheered onto stage.


I had been dying to see him since I missed the concert he did in my hometown last year. He had the crowd laughing because of his dry sense of humor from the moment he was welcomed to the stage. After introducing one of his songs as “Beautiful Bird”, seagulls started circling the top of the stadium in growing swarms with each chord he played. He eventually had to stop playing and say something along the lines of: “You have no idea how long that took to practise. I’m so glad those three months of training and all that money paid off.”

Then Rudimental got the crowd hyped.

They were so rad. I always have this thing about bands where I get annoyed when the only performer is they lead singer and everyone else is pushed to the background but Rudimental is a completely different story. Not only were there a lot of musicians playing a lot of unconventional instruments but each and everyone of the band members was involved. They even found a way to include the drummer. Absolutely amazing performers.

Then Ed.

Unbelievable! He performed the entire concert by himself. He used a loop pedal to get layers of harmonies from both him and his guitar and he created the beat by looping himself hitting the guitar. He performed his songs in such a creative way by changing melodies, combining songs and getting involved with the crowd. I didn’t want it to end.

Buuuut… Not to worry. Just the following week I was stuck in traffic on my way to Aami Park to see Taylor freakin Swift. Taylor Swift has been my favourite singer since I first heard You Belong With Me back in about 2009. And finally, after about 6 years of buying CD’s, learning lyrics and wishing for a concert, I was going to see her live with my best friend.

Vance Joy opened for her with his beautiful melodies.

Vance Joy is actually from Melbourne so Taylor Swift actually thanked everyone for “lending her our homeboy” for the tour.

But I confess, I couldn’t give him my full attention because I was too busy freaking out about the bracelet that we had just gotten upon entrance. It was such an amazing surprise when she walked onto stage and everyone’s bracelets simultaneously lit up.

(Sorry about the super blurry photo)

Everything about the concert was beyond my expectations. She sang all my favourite songs – even the old ones – and gave many of them a beautiful twist. There was an awe inspiring dance crew backing her up and the multiple costume changes were overwhelming but brilliant. I have been a big Taylor Swift fan since I was about 9 so it was amazing to finally see her after all these years especially because I got to share this beautiful experience with my best friend in the whole world.


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