17th Annual Animation Show of Shows

As an art student, I am always on the lookout for interesting, artsy events. If you were to take me to an art gallery, expect me to disappear into my own world like a kid in a candy store for a few hours. So last night I was in my happy place.

There is a cinema in my town, called the Bioscope, that shows all of the artsy, local films of South Africa. It is in collaboration with a pizza restaurant and the cinema chairs are old car seats. It has a really chilled and hipster vibe.

Last night the Bioscope played host to some of the most beautiful and artistic short animated films from talented animators all over the world. The Annual Animation Show of Shows is a selection of 11 of the best animated shorts and I feel so lucky to have seen them and learnt about their background through short behind-the-scene’s.

I can’t pick a favourite but there were several that really touched me. There was a beautiful story of loss between two astronaut best friends and another about rejection that is interpreted as hope that was set in Amsterdam.

All of the films were elegantly artistic and I feel really inspired by the different ways of conveying emotions and opinions. I could not take my eyes off of the screen.


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