Gabriella’s Tea Room

My birthday was last week and as a surprise, my family took me for breakfast to Gabriella’s Tea Room. I’d been there once before when it was under a different name, The Pudding Shop. Through a curtain of greenery the path leads to the cozy interior. The roof is draped in canvas and intertwined with […]

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Food to Truly Appreciate

Holidays, for me, mean food. My family likes to eat meals out in restaurants relatively often during the holidays so I get to try a mosaic of flavours. However, my gran likes to be one of “the regulars” and she has been staying with us for the past few months. This is what has gotten […]

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My Jaded Denim

The name of this blog comes from the thing that hangs over my desk chair all year round. Every holiday I go on, it is the first thing packed in my suitcase. I have three of them. Three of the most beautiful denim jackets. My first jacket was a gift. My brother and his girlfriend […]

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A Travelling Concert

Last December music was coursing through my veins. I visited my best friend who lives in Australia. I never thought that my family would be able to afford it but some how my mom and I managed to scrape enough money together to buy plane tickets. I couldn’t wait to see my best friend but […]

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What is the word for missing someone, for knowing there is something missing from you because they are not there, when you have never had them to begin with? Does that word exist? – Charlotte Green

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